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Story of my life

simplefaithzee started this conversation

I am eighteen jobless and as of four months ago, motherless. I'm frightened because the Job market has been so bad, people with more experience get the job before I do. I cannot afford to eat, pay rent, and put myself through school on my own and yet I am forced to do it. I can no longer live where i am living because the people want more money than I can afford and are actively trying to make me uncomfortable so that I would mover sooner than the amount of money they took from me pays for in rent. Does anyone have anything or any suggestions for me? Please send up a prayer on my behalf. Thank-you

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I suggest that you approach your landlord and just simply tell them your situation, a friend of mine just went through the same thing you are, and legally they are not allowed to be acting the way they are..see if they will let you negotiate and work something out until you get a do you have an income now? I haven't been able to get a job for about 2 years now, i don't know what i am doing wrong..and i have a newborn baby and my boyfriend has been laid off, so we are kinda in the same boat you are..but that is my advice to you hun..

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